Saturday, January 16, 2010

~Many thinGs~

skin laptop yg i beli lebih kurg camni la..hehehe

beli external har disk, skin laptop n usb connector...
1st beli external, mintak kurg kat apek 2 xleh..
mintak free gift la..
finally dpt la beli ngan harge rm230 4 400gb..
orait la kot..
then beli skin laptop even org lain dah pakai lame dah..huhu
but never mind la, as long as i like it..
must be in a green one..
n usb connector bentuk fish n warne ijau gak la..hehehe
very2 like it so much!!!

then, i would like 2 share with u the most meaningful song that i like..
tajuknyer "baik-baik syang" by waliband..
xtually lagu ni i 1st dengar time earobik ari 2..
so sweet gak la..
then jage lab jalan2 kat blog org lain
terjumpe lagu ni
then terus la minat sgt2 coz lirik die best
its about bf ni soh awek die jage diri baik2...
i wish that i can get this song from my bf (hehehe)
dah 2, asik pasang jer la lagu ni..hehehe
korg kalo jumpe lagu ni dengar la yeh..hehehe

erm..story about sorg my fren ni..
slalu chat jer ngan die..
xpenah jumpe pon..
but then, tadi die kate jgn chat lagi coz nanti takot
die kecewekan i..
i dont get what he meant xtually...
maybe he had hiding something from me..
but i dont know what is it...
i just happy when i keep on chatting with him..
sharing our favourate song, our story n opinion each other..
i wish that he will explain everythings 2 me one day...

time cuti panjang just stay jer kat uum..
gase nak kuar tapi sape nak duty lab plak..
xperla, bekorban demi kwn2 la jwbnyer..
xper, x kesah pon..
cume when we get lonely many things appear in my head..
about fren, life, bf, problems, study, works..
many things la..
sometimes x tau nak watper..
jalan2 kat tepi tasik, mkn, tido, tgk movie..
whats more??
nothing la...
what ever it is..
i'm just happy with my life even sometimes looks like dull..
kalo kite x gase mcm2 perasaan, x syok gak..
no fluctuation in our life.....
sekian berite sensasi untuk minggu ini..hehehe


t i t i e y said...

ak punye lagi cun dari ko...