Monday, April 12, 2010

~Sorry My Fren~

money is not everything...
i know that..
but the thing is that how we manage that money on the right way..
its not becoz i'm too crazy of money..
but i take this chance to help myself n my family..
i'm not from a rich family..
i just an ordinary person..
as i can i try not 2 burden them..

my fren..
i know that i hurt u so much..
becoz i feel that before..
so sorry 4 what happen k..
is not that i forget all of u..
but the lack of time axtually..
i wish that i can get 48hours with all of u girls..
i wish 2 spent a lot of time with all of u...

my fren..
after this i try 2 spent more time with u k..
please give me a words when u with me..
sometimes when u keep on silent..
its killing me..
i love all my fren..
i didn't mean 2 hurt u even a piece..
after this we will be close again k..
eat, hangout, sleep, movies..all must be together rite??
i miss all of our laughter..
i miss all of your celoteh..
i miss the kidding that we made spontanious..
everything my fren..

please give me your smile back k..
becoz without u as my fren..
who am i..
good luck n all the best 4 your exam...
hopefully that we can achives what we want...
your friends...