Tuesday, September 1, 2009

~my MissinG LaptoP~

there's a story behind the scene...
it start this...
i'm at lab at that time..
then kuzul datang..
then i told him about my laptop's problem..
he said come la bawak laptop mai cini...
i pon balik bilik then amik laptop..
at that time sab was not in the room...
so, i just amik laptop then go back to lab...

suddently ain msg me n ask whether i took my laptop or not..
then i reply la x..
saje nak uji diorang xtually..
then bugee plak call me n ask me again the same question..
i said no gak..
saje nak test diorang again becoz..
when bugee call me i heard diorang gelak2...

then bugee call me again to confirm that i did'not took the laptop...
then i said "xde la g"
pastu x nak la diorang cuak sgt
then i bagi msg kat bugee said that
"org amik la latop, mesti korang cuak kan, hehehe"

pastu bugee call me back n said:
"huda, ko jgn la main2 lis(RA) siap da bagi tau encik shahrin tau"
then i said back
"nape x tunggu org balik dulu"
then zaty msj me plak..
she said that everybody was worried too much
xpecially sab becoz she will felt guity..
if i come back from lab n see that my laptop was missing...
she will think that i will blame her...

when i sampai bilik, i senyap dulu..
takot sebenarnyer...
but then i salam sab n say sorry 4 everything...
konon2 nak wat wakena beb
tapi alih2 diri sendiri plak kene mintak maaf kat sume org...

for all the person yg involve dlm rakaman ni..
i want 2 appologize k..
ala, bukan slalu wat korang cuak..
sowie ea,
ain, ain mazalam, bugee, zaty, iqa, SAB, moja, izzah, ummie, lis(RA)..
n my neighbour n all la..
sorry again ea, thanks coz worried bout me..
that's mean that u all really love me kan..
right?? ok..
keep on smiling..hehehe