Friday, September 11, 2009


most of them are still my fren untill now;)

thanks abg KFC amikkan gmbr..hehehe

last tuesday (8 seppt 09)...
ain, loye, ita, nadiah n me hang out 2gether...
buke same2 la kononyer..
reunion TTJ...
we r in 1 class when we in frm 4& form 5...
untill now we r still 2gether..
even though each of us..
different courses n college...
(except me n ain)

loye jadi driver...
so, we decide 2 berbuke kat KFC (loye mengidam)..
sampai KFC around 6p.m..
too early, so we just booking 1st...
then go 2 ekspo depan yawata...
not buying too much la..
brooch jer..

then go back 2 KFC n waiting 4 waktu berbuker...
finally berbuke la kami..
pas2 gase mcm x kenyang plak..
then ain said..
"kwn2, pani second round plak ea"...
loye reply back..
"ok, set jer"..hehehe
before going for pray, masing2 tapaukan KFC tok roomate n member..

then we going to pray 1st..
kat masjid dekat ngan yawata...
quit beautifull...
poeple ramai get ready 4 solat terawih plak..

but then we continue our journey..
jitra mall..
i had requested 2 loye..
coz nak beli barang ckit 4 my little boy..
hehehe, his becoming besday..

by d way, i also want 2 find something on my face..
hehe, then finally ade sorg akak ni panggil
i thought nak pakai olay jer..
then akak 2 cakap..
"adik nak try check muke x?"
then i jawab la..
"nak2, tapi kene byr x?"
then she said..
"x payah, just check jer"..
i reply back..
"ok, nak gak tengok, tapi malu..akak jgn gelak tau"..

tup tap tup tap..
almost 10p.m..
i walk with nadiah n akak 2 berjaya memperdaya kami..
i bought some toner n conditioner..
x tau la berkesan ke x..
kalo x berkesan, siap akak 2..huhu..
then, i bought something 4 him..
i don't know what should i give him..
my 1st plan, i want 2 give him ring..
but nadiah said not suitable la..
then i bought perfume for him..
so nice of bag n bottle..
n of course the smell..
hehehe...hope he will like it!!

lastly we singgah at gerai Air Gelas Buah Besar..
our second dishes after KFC...heheh..
mcm2 yg kami order, siap amik gmbr sumer...
yg lawak 2..
we just order 1 gelas air epal gelas besar..
(yg kami dok ngidam sgt)
sampai2 jer air, kongsi skali 5 org..
x sampai 10 minit, air dah abis..
hahaha, masing2 kehausan..
dgn tebal muke kami mintak pakcik 2 yambah air..
tapi tambah air kosong jer..
kalo isi air buah lagi..
kompem abis lagi..
hahaha..kenyang air jer plak kang..

so, abis makan, abis minum, abis bergambar sumer..
we r going back 2 UUM...
so tired but so happy with them..
but so sorry 4 nadia jalil coz die x dpt nak join..
kete x muat la..hehe
maybe next time k my dear~